Caravans on outskirts of Charleroi airport: BSCA applies to court

The situation arising from last weekend's installation en masse of dozens of caravans on a section of land owned by Charleroi airport, will shortly be resolved: the travellers have agreed to vacate the area by June 21st. Despite this, the airport authorities have decided to apply to the courts for an eviction. The travellers from Marcinelle set up camp on land that was vacant but owned by Charleroi airport. Although the BSCA claims to understand the situation the travellers are in, it nevertheless highlights how dangerous it is for them to be stationed so close to the runways and main roads.

Although airport officials were faced with a fait accompli of the unannounced arrival of the caravans, they still started discussions with the travellers which resulted in a mutual agreement that the travellers would vacate the area by June 21st.

However, the airport's legal department felt it would be prudent to initiate proceedings anyway and to request their eviction. The start of such proceedings would enable the airport to be covered if, due to the presence of the caravans on airport land, an accident were to occur before June 21st.

(Source: Belga)

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