New site to answer family carers’ questions

New site to answer family carers’ questions

Aidants proches (Carers within the family), an NGO, opened its “documentation centre” in Namur on Thursday. This is a website aimed at giving information to family carers, which means people who care and support a dependent, sick or disabled relative (approximately 850,000 people in Belgium). The NGO’s documentation centre is a website with all sorts of useful information for family carers. There are links to periodicals, articles, books, as well as addresses of associations, legislative acts, videos, and also scientific research on the concerns and needs of carers.

“Many people are at a loss or have questions they do not dare ask, and sometimes they are not even aware that practical services are available where they live to help them in their daily tasks. This website hopes to help them find this sort of information,” explains Caroline Ducenne, coordinator at Aidants proches.

The NGO reminds people that 9% of the Belgian population aged 15 and over help or care for a member of their family unit at least once a week. And 20% of carers spend 20 hours or more helping in this way. A law acknowledging family carers who may be greatly dependent came into force on May 12th, 2014.

The documentation centre is free and available at

(Source: Belga) 

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