Fedasil: widely followed labour stoppage in French-speaking centres

A 50-minute work stoppage took place in French-speaking Fedasil centres on Thursday at approximately 10am. “The disruption was well carried out,” pointed out Jean-Christophe Van Coppenolle, from CSC Public Services late this morning. The stoppage served as a prelude to a day of national protest on June 23rd, in the form of a 24-hour period of strike and centre blockades. Unions representing Fedasil personnel are concerned about the impact of savings affecting the structure of the agency. Thursday’s labour stoppage allowed them to mobilise workers for the June 23rd strike, highlighted Jean-Christophe Van Coppenolle (CSC) and André Gilles (CGSP). A coordination committee is also scheduled for Friday of next week, June 26th.

The joint trade union front is opposing measures directly affecting centre personnel and the level of welcome. Out of a total budget of 300 million euros, the federal agency for the welcome of asylum seekers Fedasil needs to save 20 million. Achieving this involves amongst other things, the closure of the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre centre, as well as the privatisation of the catering service and of some of the night shifts.

(Source: Belga) 

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