Threat level unchanged, but heightened vigilance in some places

Threat level unchanged, but heightened vigilance in some places

Home Secretary Jan Jambon revealed this Friday that the threat level remains unchanged in Belgium for now, after attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait. Belgian locations of the company targeted in France, the American conglomerate Air Products, require special vigilance.  Ocam (Threat Analysis and Coordination Authority) carried out an initial review after the attack at a gas plant near Lyons on Friday. Nothing seems to point to imminent attacks in our country, asserts Secretary Jambon’s office, although gas sector businesses are warned to remain vigilant and to follow security procedures closely. This warning was also broadcast through the “Early warning system” in place within the gas sector.

Additional patrols were sent out to Air Products’ Belgian locations, and local police were asked to be on alert in Filford, Ghent, and Sombreffe.

The Strategic Committee on Intelligence and Security is currently meeting in Rue de la Loi. Its members are intelligence and security experts, as well as the security adviser to the Prime minister. The committee is assessing the situation and will report back to the Prime minister.

(Source: Belga)

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