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Young man attacked with machete in Marcinelle for being gay

A young homosexual male was attacked on the streets of Marcinelle (Charleroi) on Thursday evening. The attacker shouted homophobic insults at the man before punching him. The attacker then took a machete out of his bag and struck the victim’s arm. The victim was seriously injured and will have to undergo surgery, pointed out local Charleroi police.

The homophobic assualt took place on Avenue Paul Pastur in Marcinelle. A young 21-year-old male was approached by a man who immediately verbally abused him using homophobic terms. The attacker then punched him in the face, and reached for a machete in his bag with which he immediately struck the victim’s arm, seriously injuring him.

The young man managed to get away and called for help. He was taken to hospital where he was expected to undergo surgery on Friday. Local police in Charleroi are looking for the perpetrator of this attack.

(Source: Belga)