Home Office wants a think tank on radicalisation, extremism and terrorism

The Home Office (SPF Intérieur) is looking for applicants to set up a think tank which will, over a four year period, provide advice to the various levels of government in their fight against radicalisation, extremism and terrorism. It has just published the think tank guidelines, which also propose opportunities for public-private partnerships. The task force must make long term recommendations but must also develop ad hoc guidance on “issues relating to the fight against violent radicalism, extremism and terrorism, as much from a security point of view as from a preventative and monitoring point of view.” National and local government tiers will be able to receive advice, but the Home Office believes that its plan must allow for the possibility of European and International level cooperation.   

The ultimate provider must also evaluate political measures and see how they can be applied. This task force must thus address how families of the so-called “foreign fighters” can be supported and how former fighters can be involved in discouraging youngsters from leaving for radicalised zones. It will equally address strategies for deradicalisation of those returning from combat zones.

Established for a four-year period, this task force must hold twelve meetings per year and write as many reports. It must be run by a civil servant appointed by the Home Office. An information session for interested bidders has been arranged for August 8th.

(Source: Belga)  

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