Two children pushed out a window and seriously injured in Schaerbeek

A man seriously injured his partner’s two children on Saturday afternoon, after having an argument with their mother. He stabbed her 6 year old daughter, and then pushed her out a second floor window. The girl’s seven year old brother was pushed out a first floor window. This information, which appeared in La Dernière Heure, was confirmed by the Brussels Prosecutor’s office. An argument between the victim’s mother and her boyfriend broke out in their house in rue du Tilleul in Schaerbeek a little after 3pm. He is not the children’s father.

After the mother left the house, the man stabbed the 6 year old girl in the abdomen and pushed her out a second floor window. Her big brother tried to help her. He was on the stairs at the time of the attack on his sister. He was pushed off the first floor balustrade. “Luckily, the children fell onto a lawn in the courtyard, which softened their fall”, said Roger De Beule, from the Brussels-Nord police.

The mother, as well as several neighbours who saw what happened, are in a state of shock. The police immediately arrested the man. The children were quickly taken to hospital. The boy is out of danger, but the girl’s condition is worrying.

The perpetrator had still not made a statement on Saturday evening.

(Source: Belga)

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