Liège: first 2 segments of walkway in place over Meuse

Liège: first 2 segments of walkway in place over Meuse

Work to erect the new walkway between the Guillemins neighbourhood and la Boverie in Liège started this weekend. In spite of an incident on Saturday afternoon, the 2 main segments were in place by Monday morning, traffic was again underway on the river Meuse at lunchtime. Made up of 6 metal elements, the walkway will go from Guillemins station to Boverie Park. It is now taking shape over the Meuse in spite of a setback at the construction site last weekend. “Installing the first segment, which is the longest one (110 m), was completed on Sunday,” explains Vincent Ville, administrator at Greisch Engineering Office which manages the project. “The second segment (50 m), was erected this morning (between 5:00 am and 10:30 am), and the walkway now has a base on each side of the Meuse.”

This fundamental step should have been completed on Sunday evening but an incident on Saturday afternoon delayed operations. “As always in this type of construction project, the unexpected happens, and in those cases it is best to go slowly and ensure safety,” adds Vincent de Ville. “The incident happened as we were lifting the first segment; a cable broke and weakened a support. The walkway itself was not damaged, only a provisional element was affected, and the operation took longer than scheduled.” The delay will not have any serious impact on river traffic.

According to Greisch Engineering Office, operations to erect the Liège walkway will be carried out in coming days with the installation of the remaining 4 smaller segments, and the construction project is still expected to be completed by early November.

(Source: Belga)  

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