Tournai: crane-climbing can come at price

Tournai: crane-climbing can come at price

Climbing on the huge crane used to supply a platform on the construction site around Tournai cathedral can be an expensive business. Several people were recently seen climbing on the crane, sometimes following dares as silly as they are dangerous. Acting Tournai alderman Paul-Olivier Delannois (PS) reminds the population that police rules dictate a 350-euro administrative fine. Involving firemen costs 905 euros. “Police in the Tournai region recently noticed the presence of irresponsible amateur climbers at the Tournai cathedral building site. In spite of a fence surrounding the site and put up by the company in charge, some people still climb over the fence and then onto either the crane or the scaffolding. The last incident the police were called to was a woman who had climbed 40 metres up the crane,” said the alderman in a press statement. “This type of behaviour has consequences clearly detailed in the general police regulations. In fact, climbing walls, fences, trees, front elevations, is forbidden, and can result in an administrative fine of up to 350 euros. If the fire services are called out, the offender’s bill will be an additional 905 euros.”

According to Paul-Olivier Delannois, “what seems like a game is simply irresponsible behaviour which puts lives in danger, both the offender’s and others’.”

(Source: Belga)  

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