Man shot dead in Waterloo forest

The body of a male Schaerbeek resident who had been shot twice in the back was discovered in a wood in Waterloo (Brabant wallon) on Wednesday night, revealed Nivelles public prosecutor at lunchtime on Thursday. The victim was a 34-year-old Frenchman national of African descent unknown to police authorities. His body was discovered on Thursday at approximately 1:00am in Waterloo’s Bois des Bruyères forest. 2 bullets in his back point to murder. A woman who knew the victim well but was unrelated to him alerted police authorities.

An investigating judge from Nivelles and an expert in ballistics visited the site the same morning. A federal police sniffer dog was also brought to the scene to try to help police trace the route taken by the victim from Schaerbeek to the Bois des Bruyères forest where his body was found.

(Source: Belga)  

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