Big fight after a Belgian Cup match in Ath, against RFC Liège

The CS Pays Vert Ostiches-Ath (2nd in the Hainaut Province) wrote to the Belgian Football Union about a fight that broke out after the match between Ath and RFC Liège at the Giants Stadium on Saturday. “The CS Pays Vert Ostiches-Ath reserve the right to launch legal proceedings, collective or individual, against the trouble makers, as well as those civilly responsible for their presence”, reads a letter sent to the UB. The incident happened at Ath’s Giants Stadium on Saturday evening, after the local team’s match against RFC Liège. “Everything started with a fight between Liège supporters”, explains Laurent Vanduille, the Ath manager. “There were a few people who had been banned from the Stadium on the Liège supporter’s bus, and they were seen by “spotters” from Liège police. These people went drinking in town and came back at the end of the match, when the officers in question had left”.

A violent fight broke out, and Ath supporters stepped in to try and calm everything down, the manager explained. But it had the opposite effect. Children were caught in the middle of the “battleground”, and several people were injured. There was also a lot of material damage, which the Ath town authorities, who own the stadium, have had inspected.

The Ath Football club says the Liège club is clearly responsible, and a bill for the damage will be sent to the third division club when Ath has a quote for repairs.

(Source: Belga)

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