The travellers have left Saint-Ghislain

The travellers that had pitched on the intercommunal IDEA land in Baudour (Sainte-Ghisain, Hainaut province) left the area on Monday morning, as the town authorities had asked. They had pitched opposite NGK Ceramics

The twenty or so traveller caravans that had been pitched on industrial land in Baudour, which belongs to intercommunal IDEA, left on Monday morning. They left when the Sainte-Ghislain authorities had asked them to, mayor Daniel Olivier confirmed.

Travellers who had pitched on an area bordering the Nimy-Blaton canal in Baudour last Sunday left on Wednesday morning, as the Sainte-Ghislain commune had requested. An hour later, they set up a few kilometres further away on an IDEA industrial zone, opposite NGK Ceramics in Baudour.

(Source: Belga

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