Angry famers – Around 600 farmers have blocked the Aviapartner buildings

Around 600 farmers with 400 tractors blocked the Aviapartner and Qatar Airways buildings at Liège Airport on Tuesday evening. Protesters even went into the airport handling company’s buildings with bangers and iron bars at around 2am. The police dispersed the crowd of protestors with tear gas, the Belga agency discovered at the scene. After calling for calm, Erwan Scöpges, head of the European Milk Board (EMB), reiterated that farmers want the market to be regulated, especially the milk sector.

Through these actions, farmers hope their demands will be heard in the build-up to the European Agriculture Council meeting in Brussels on the 7th of September 2015.

There will be filtered barriers on the E411 in Habay from 6am on Wednesday, said Victor Thines from the MIG (Milcherzeuger Interessengemeinschaft). A similar barrier will be put on the N4 in Warnach. Mr Thines hopes the barriers, blocking food delivery trucks, will last the whole day.

(Source: Belga)

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