The Islamic State threatens Belgium again

The Islamic State threatens Belgium again

The Islamic State terrorist organisation has once again threatened to attack Belgium. A jihadist from Antwerp has warned “libraries, schools, hospitals, shopping streets and even nightclubs” are all potential targets, the Het Laatste Niewus and La Dernière Heure reported on Thursday.

“We no longer care about all the discussions regarding innocent victims. All infidels will be killed. We will kill them like they kill us”, boasts the Antwerp man. He did not say where and when an attack would take place. “On many levels, it’s very clear this man is not just speaking for himself, but for a much larger group”, says Montasser Al De’emeh, a jihadism specialist. He received the audio recording through Whatsapp.

The messenger is Abdellah Noumane, a man in his twenties originally from Antwerp. He is also a member of Sharia4Belgim. He calls himself Jihad Al-Belgiki and has been in Syria since June 2013. He has been photographed with members of Katiba Al-Battar, the elite brigade behind the foiled Verviers plot. 

(Source: Belga)

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