Roux – divers search the canal for a body

After getting a rather unclear witness statement regarding a shooting, said to have taken place on Thursday, divers, civil protection services and Charleroi federal judicial police searched the Charleroi-Brussels canal near Roux on Saturday. They were looking for a body, but found nothing.

On the orders of investigating judge Martine Michel, federal judicial police, civil protection services and the Charleroi fire department searched the canal for several hours.

Police have a witness statement that describes a shooting in the area on Thursday evening. A 24 year old man, who was walking with his nephew, was said to have been ambushed by a gang. They fired at him, forcing the young man to jump into the canal to escape. He never came back up.

Saturday’s search found nothing. Police are unsure how accurate the statement is.

(Source: Belga)

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