Belgian Muslim associations distance themselves from the "barbarity of the Islamic State"

Belgian Muslim associations distance themselves from the "barbarity of the Islamic State"

In a joint press statement on Sunday, seven Belgian Muslim organisations declared their distance and absolute rejection of the bloody attacks that hit Paris and they call for condemnation of the perpetrators of the attacks. “Violent extremism and its inhumane face want to divide our open, pluralist Western societies”, declares the associations. “The barbarity of the Islamic State does not target a particular group of people, but the whole of humanity”, express the organisations and reminds of the recent attacks in Turkey, Lebanon and of course all the atrocities in Syria and Iraq where it has declared its self-proclaimed state.”

According to the Belgian associations, ”the underlying reasons behind these horrors are clear. The hate, the resentment and the lack of empathy are a constant in the barbaric acts.” “The plural European societies are founded on universal values such as human rights, freedom, equality, brotherhood and (religious) diversity. Sometimes these values do no affirm themselves strong enough and the extremists use it to spread fear, polarisation and hate, states the Belgian Muslim associations.

“As associations, we send a clear message to the terrorists and say no, no to incitement and no to those who exploit the climate of fear. We will continue to live in the inclusive model, continue to adhere to the fundamental human values of Islam and we reach out to all those who join us to form a barrier against extremism and sectarianism“, they write. The text has been signed by the platform of the Flemish Imams, the Union of the mosques and the Muslim associations of Flanderen, the League of Mosques and the Muslim organisation of the region of Antwerp, as well as the association of Mosques in Gent and the union of Turkish associations of Belgium.

(Source: Belga)

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