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Police warns against a new telephone harassment fraud scam

A new type of fraud is taking place targeting Belgian citizens, according to the Brussels police. The victims, often senior and isolated women in their late 50s and older, are harassed via repeated telephone calls from abroad. Each time the phone is picked up, the person on the side hangs up without saying anything. The calls originate from North Africa, Eastern Europe and the US.

After a period of harassment, a fake lawyer or judge calls the victim and informs him/her that a juridical process on behalf of all the victims of the phone harassment had been initiated by the Belgian state. The court case is supposed to have been successful and the victim is entitled to a financial compensation.  

The victim is advised to buy a so called “Pay Safe Card” for several hundreds euros that is supposed to be unlocked by banking codes. The money is argued to be used for administration costs. Meanwhile, the victim will never receive the promised financial compensation.  

The police strongly advises the public to not buy any “Pay Safe Cards”.

In case you have been a victim of this fraud you may contact the Police service dealing with the case on a toll free phone number 0800 30 300.   

(Source: Belga)