Charleroi: man found dead in his septic tank

Charleroi: man found dead in his septic tank

A resident of Goutroux (Charleroi area) was found dead in his septic tank on Tuesday morning. According to the prosecutor, the individual was an infamous alcoholic. The man supposedly slipped into the tank, as he wanted to defecate. No traces of violence were found on his body.

A housekeeper on her way to a nearby home discovered the body of the owner, Pascal S. The man’s body was stuck in the septic tank located in the garage. The victim was plunged headfirst, legs in the air, in this rather narrow opening.

The Charleroi police arrived quickly at the scene. The death first seemed suspicious. Last April, the wife of the victim, Nadine D., was also found dead and her autopsy had shown that over 24 hours had passed between the call for help from her husband and her death. On several occasions, the police had to separate the couple during their alcoholic quarrels.

Pascal S. was charged with murder and placed in protective custody for a month. According to the prosecutor, the investigation had then taken a different turn: the cause of death of Nadine D. would be due to a chicken bone stuck in her throat. Pascal S. was therefore going to be convicted for duty to rescue.

On Tuesday, suspicions of a violent death were quickly set aside; no traces of abrasion or struggle have been discovered. Blood and urine punctures were performed to check the possible alcoholisation of the victim. 

(Source: Belga)

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