Positive overall results for tourism in Wallonia over the winter holidays

Overall, the Walloon tourism sector is happy with the various occupation figures for the 2015/2016 winter holidays. This is according to a survey requested by Tourism Minister René Collin. 500 tourists responded.

Overall, the survey shows this period was profitable for the hotel sector, and especially for local accommodation, and this was despite there being no snow. The occupation rate for hotels was 46.6%, a 1% increase compared to this time last year. Local accommodation recorded 73%, 4% more than last year.

On the other hand, holiday villages have seen their occupation rate fall by 11%, to 51%.

Social tourist centres had an occupation rate of 34%, an increase of 8%.

Geographically, the Liège and Luxemburg provinces had the highest occupation rate (respectively 63% and 60%). Luxemburg saw its occupation rate go up 3%.

Most of those staying in Walloon accommodation were Dutch-speaking, with 43% being Flemish and 18% Dutch. For attractions, Walloons come top (55%). Then come Flemish (18%), Brussels residents (12%), French (7%), and Dutch (4%).

73% of those working in tourism said they were happy or very happy with these results.

In the Eastern cantons, the lack of snow doesn’t seem to have put tourists off going to the region. This was shown by a survey by The East Belgium Tourist Agency, which involved 145 actors in the accommodation and travel sector.

(Source: Belga)

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