Vigilance phase in force on roads

Vigilance phase in force on roads

On Sunday evening, the Wallonia Regional Crisis Management Centre announced that it has entered into a phase of vigilance on the roads in anticipation of winter precipitation which is expected, principally in the south of the country. The Cellule d'Action Routière (CAR - road action unit) made up of the Wallonia Regional Crisis Management Centre (WRCMC), the centre Perex (responsible for road construction and maintenance) and the Federal Highway Police, has been implemented.

Winter precipitation has been predicted during the night and Monday morning south of the Sambre-et-Meuse valley, according to weather predictions. The temperatures therein are negative. We should expect ice patches to develop and snow accumulations which will make the roads slippery. Moreover, the centre warns that precipitation will take the form of wet snow or rain.

All possible Wallonia Public Service personnel and equipment infrastrcture are in place in the affected areas, so as to ensure the maximum safety for users and to maintain good traffic conditions on regional roads.

The greatest care is called for by those travelling by road both during the night and Monday morning.   “All motorists, including HGVs, are asked to adapt their speed, not to overtake spreaders and give way to them, avoid all sudden manoeuvres, keep a sufficient safe distance with the vehicle in front and be highly attentive in exposed places as the bridges and slip roads and motorway exits,” the WRCMC reminds everyone.

(Source: Belga)

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