E-mail or SMS to be used to make temporary contracts

E-mail or SMS to be used to make temporary contracts
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Temporary contracts may from now on be signed by mail or SMS, the Employment Minister, Kris Peeters, has announced, after drawing up a bill upon the issue.
At the current time, a temping agency has up to 48 hours to put a contract in writing with, as a consequence, a certain level of legal insecurity for the temporary employee. The temporary staff member is often already in post, before a legal agreement has been made between the parties.

This uncomfortable situation should come thus to an end from October 1st. Every temporary contract should be made in writing at the latest when the temporary member of staff starts to perform his services as agreed between the parties, Peeters says. The means to do so will now be widened comprising, in particular, a contract of employment in electronic format, which will either be made by SMS or by e-mail. The worker will thus be able to easily confirm their agreement to the document by using a PIN number.

(Source: Belga)

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