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A home in the Ath region destroyed by fire

A fire started in a house in Mainvault, Ath, late on Sunday afternoon. Despite efforts to save it, the house was completely destroyed.

Ath emergency services were warned that a fire had started in a house in the chemin de Rénowelz, near Frasnes, at around 5.50pm on Sunday. When the call was made, it was a roof fire. A fire truck and a ladder-truck and pump-truck were rapidly sent to the scene. The building on fire was a house set back from the road.

Seeing as it was difficult to get water there, Ath firefighters called for reinforcements. Four fire-trucks from the Tournai, Leuze, Lessines and Renaix stations were quickly dispatched. Around twenty fire-fighters were also sent.

Despite the amount of man power and equipment, the fire spread and the house was completely destroyed. No-one was injured. It is not yet known what caused the fire.

(Source: Belga)