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Koen Geens justifies savings measures

The Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, has now qualified the savings measures which judges described yesterday (Thursday) as “linear and blind”, when returning from the summer recess. Moreover, he envisages the possibility of a time when citizens might possibly infiltrate terrorist organisations.

The presidents of the appeal courts and the employment tribunals denounced austerity measures which “are slowing up the daily grind of the wheels of Justice.” The Judiciary, in particular, laments, “Within Europe, Belgium is 25th for the use of ICT in case management.”

The Minister stresses that his precise objective is to further digitalize the Justice system. “My ambition is to give more attention to technical support. This is part of my plan.”

He further says, “When I authorised the recruitment of further clerks, I also advised the Judiciary to recruit a personnel profile to provide staff technical support, thereby potentially increasing the workforce.”

Concerning staff shortages Mr Geens’s office, mentions that 163 judges’ posts were published in 2016 and 330 for judicial staff. There will be 54 more posts after September 10th.

The Minister, moreover, indicated to VTM (the television channel) that he has considered in depth, the possibility of citizens infiltrating terrorist organisations. “We are fairly weak on intelligence and infiltration in this sphere. The concept has already made headway in working groups. It’s a dangerous business but nevertheless I wish to reflect on it.”

The Brussels Times