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Seven men and five women chosen for Wesphael trial

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The Wesphael trial is due to begin on Monday.
© Belga

Seven men and five women were drawn by lots to comprise the jury for the trial of Bernard Wesphael. This is due to take place before the Hainaut Assize Court (which fulfils the same role as a British criminal Crown Court).

The former Walloon deputy is accused of murdering his wife, Véronique Pirotton, on October 31st, 2013 in Ostend. Five additional jurors will also attend the trial.

The jury selection process lasted more than two hours, some 200 prospective jurors having been put forward.

In total, the urn contained the names of 60 women and 43 men.

From these names, the President of the court, Philippe Morandini drew by lots seven men and five women.

It will be for them to decide whether the defendant is guilty of the crime.

Five additional jurors have also been designated, these being four women and a man.

Before drawing lots, the President who is now on his 26th sitting took the opportunity to remind the media that the use of GSM devices and laptops in the courtroom. The same rule applies to the room in which the trial will be uplinked.

The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, is scheduled to start on Monday with the reading of the charge sheet and examination of the accused.

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