Namur: 14 arrests linked to drug trafficking

Namur: 14 arrests linked to drug trafficking

In total, 14 arrests were made after various drug trafficking files were opened in Namur. This information appeared in a joint communiqué from the Namur police and the public prosecutor. Six Belgian individuals were arrested in a cocaine drugs trafficking case during festivals in Namur.

Eight individuals, seven of whom were Dutch nationals, were arrested in respect of separate offences.

They are suspected of involvement in a large cocaine and heroine drug ring.

At the beginning of March 2016, investigators from the drugs trafficking section of the Investigation and Research Service (known as the S.E.R) of the Namur police zone opened a legal file relating to cocaine trafficking during the Namur festival.

Since March, numerous enquiries have been made allowing for the identification of three Namur suspects, but also two principal suppliers in Andenne, as well as sellers in this ring.

The investigation, still in progress, has led to the arrest of six individuals and the seizure of four top of the range vehicles.

The investigation has also revealed that this ring had been active for nearly two years in the judicial district of Namur, and may have made profits of hundreds of thousands of euros.

The arrests of the six suspects were confirmed by the court in chambers.

The S.E.R. as well as the Special Operations Group (G.I.S) made investigations as part of three separate hard drug trafficking cases (cocaine and heroïne) in Namur.

The investigative enquiries led to the arrest of individuals committing offences, seven of whom were Dutch nationals subject to arrest warrants, all of which have been confirmed.

The criminal seizure undertaken, as well as the two vehicles, included more than 3,000 euros in small denomination notes, more than 10 GSMs, around 40 grams of cocaïne and 235 grams of heroin.

The Public Prosecutor's Office and the police have stated that the current investigation will enable them to determine if there are links between the three cases.

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