Plopsa bans ‘killer clown’ costumes

The Plopsa group has decided to ban people dressed as ‘killer clowns’ from its amusement parks, for security reasons. They have also banned other costumes that cover the wearer’s face, a press release revealed on Saturday.

Plopsa says people wearing this type of costume have been spotted in various countries recently, and the first sightings were in Belgium. Several visitors at Plopsaland in La Panne complained about people whose faces were hidden, which is why the park decided to act.

‘Visitors who are wearing a costume that makes them unrecognisable or covers their face will not be allowed into the park. Then same will apply at other Plopsa group parks. Halloween at Plopsa is a family celebration, suitable for young children. We want it to stay that way”, Plopsa group PDG Steve Van den Kerkhof said in a press release.

(Source: Belga)

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