Lower staff numbers projected at SNCB in 2020

Lower staff numbers projected at SNCB in 2020
A significant reduction in the SNCB's payroll is planned for 2020.

The SNCB is anticipating a greater reduction in staff numbers than its initial projections indicated. This is according to the revised business plan set out to the Board of Directors last Friday, which L'Echo is reporting upon today (Thursday).

The company anticipates a payroll of 16,955 full-time equivalent staff (FTEs) in 2020, or a reduction of nearly 18% compared to 2014 (when it had 20,628 FTEs).

However in its initial business plan, the anticipated payroll for 2020 was 17,241 FTEs. The SNCB is thus reducing its payroll by nearly 300 more staff than originally thought.

That having been said, it hopes to employ around 100 agents as part of the fight against terrorism, as a way to work towards plugging the gap.

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