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Weather: no “Sunshine on a Rainy Day” this week

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The Three Degrees take centre stage this week!
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The weather will be cloudy and accompanied by rain today (Monday), the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) says in its weather bulletin. Showers will mainly fall at the coast and the north of the country in the morning, before progressively spreading across the entire country.

In the Ardennes, we may even see some localised wintry showers.

There will be moderate winds in the centre of the country, with a moderate north-easterly at the coast. Maximum temperatures will be around plus three degrees in Hautes Fagnes and plus eight degrees at the coast.

During the night, the RMI predicts that some brief wintry showers may still be possible in the south of the Sambre and Meuse valleys and at the coast.

The weather will become generally dry with clear spells appearing, mainly in lower Belgium and central Belgium.

Freezing fog will appear in a number of regions, excepting the coast where showers will hold sway during the night.

There will be light winds with a variable direction, with sometimes moderate northerly winds at the coast.

There will also be frosts virtually everywhere with minimum temperatures ranging from minus three degrees to plus three degrees, being minus three degrees in Hautes Fagnes, minus one degree in Flanders and plus three degrees at the coast.

The Institute warns that this may make for icy roads.

On Tuesday, it will be cold in numerous regions, with showers particularly at the coast. On Wednesday, rain will appear in the west preceded by wet snow or snow in the Ardennes.

In the second part of the week, the risk of showers will persist but the weather will be gradually milder, with maximum temperatures around ten degrees in central Belgium from Friday onwards.

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