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Weather: Monday sunny with a chill in the air

© Belga
You could be forgiven for thinking that winter is on its way!
© Belga

Today (Monday), the RMI (the Royal Meteorological Institute) is predicting nice sunny weather but with an objectionable wind. The last banks of low cloud will disappear at the beginning of the day. The maximum temperature will be 0 degrees on the Plateau des Hautes-Fagnes up to 5 degrees across the west of the country.

The moderate north-east wind will further strengthen the icy cold feeling.

Tonight will be very cold with a clear sky and the east to north-easterly wind will abate. The temperatures will nosedive ending up, as dawn approaches, at around -4 or -5 degrees in a multitude of regions. Some frost patches may, once again, form in certain areas.

On Tuesday, our weather will be influenced by a zone of high pressure that will stretch from Germany right across to Ireland.

After a freezing night, we will, once again, enjoy a calm but cold sunny day.

Indeed, maximum temperatures will be between 1 and locally 4 degrees, with a wind which, fortunately, will, most often be a light easterly wind.

On Wednesday, the weather will be dry and fairly sunny, despite the arrival of high-level cloud from the north. Maximum temperatures will be between 2 and 6 degrees, with a moderate south-westerly wind.

On Thursday and Friday, the cloud cover will be abundant and there may be several showers at times.

That having been said, it will be mild with maximum temperatures of between 3 to 9 degrees.

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