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Liège: Opéra car park fire – safety perimeter lifted

A fire was stated to have occurred yesterday evening (Sunday) in the Opéra car park in Liège, where a car caught fire.
At 11.20 p.m., a spokesman for the Liège police force told the Belga press agency that the safety perimeter was being removed.

The fire was declared, shortly after 8 p.m. on level 1 of the underground Opéra car park.

The access to this is located on Rue Georges Clémenceau, in the city. Around fifty Liège firemen were called out to the incident during the evening.

A significant amount of smoke was released. As alluded to earlier, the cause of the blaze was a car catching fire, for a reason still to be determined.

A court expert was due to attend at the scene.

Two people, who suffered slightly as a result of smoke inhalation and a third, who was in a state of shock, were taken to hospital.

As a precautionary measure, several hotel and catering establishments and the Hotel Ibis were evacuated. The district was sealed off and a safety perimeter set up.

However, the commune’s emergency plan did not have to be triggered.

About half an hour before midnight last night, the Liège police stated that lifting the safety perimeter was imminent.

At that point it was thought that Hotel Ibis clientele could return to their rooms within an hour.

An investigatory perimeter around the whole of the Opéra car park still remained in place for the purposes of the investigation. The reason for this was to be able to establish precisely the origin of the incident.

The Liège police spokesperson stated, at the time, that only when this process had been completed, if conditions allowed, could vehicle owners parked in the car park then recover their cars.

The Brussels Times