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Royal Museum of Central Africa scoops three awards

On the initiative of the Royal Museum of Central Africa, the Minister for Cooperation in the Development and the Digital Agenda, Alexander De Croo, scooped three awards yesterday (Wednesday) for three projects, as a lever for development. These focus around e-learning in the Palestinian territories, the fight against counterfeit drugs and solar energy in Cameroon.

The “Digitalisation for Development” (D4D) is a new initiative of the Royal Museum of Central Africa, organised on a biannual basis.

“The three winners of this first award ceremony of this type have all made a difference for people,” stressed Alexander De Croo, at the Palais des Colonies in Tervuren.

An e-learning degree course within the Palestinian territories received the price for the category “good practice”.

AksantiMed, a joint project against drug counterfeiting was rewarded in the category “Innovative Idea”. Organisations involved in this project were ULB (Free University of Brussels), ULg (Université de Liège), the University of Kinshasa and SOS Médecins de Nuit (SOS Night Doctors).

Lastly, the People’s Choice Award went to Solarly, a project to improve Cameroon’s access to electricity, through solar panel installation.

The Brussels Times