Agreement to regionalise movable property status of classified monuments

Agreement to regionalise movable property status of classified monuments
Wallonia and Wallonia-Brussels Federaton have reached agreement on regionalising the movable property status of classified monuments.© Belga

An agreement in principle has been reached between Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation so as to regionalise movable property within the status of classified monuments. This is according to the Walloon Heritage minister, Maxime Prévot.

Institutional reform over the years has led to movable artistic heritage being managed at Federation level whilst immovable property (buildings, bridges and such) has been managed by the region.

This has caused management difficulties. In Brussels, the sixth state reform has resolved the issue through regionalization.

The Walloon government considers that PS-cdH coalition’s related political programme favours regionalization of movable heritage, when located in a given listed building.

Mr Prévot (of the cdH) contacted the Federation’s Culture Minister, Alda Greoli (of the cdH). An agreement in principle was thus reached, he said when responding to a written question by Pierre-Yves Jeholet (of the MR).

The Walloon Minister wishes to enlarge the spectrum encompassed within the entire movable heritage sphere.

The Wallonia region indeed owns museum facilities and museum collections. For example, it has the remit for agreements on archaeological deposits on its territory.

In contrast, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation manages, amongst other things, the recognition of museum status and such museums’ subsidies.

“A consultation is currently in progress to establish a form of land registry for institutions affected by this dual competence. This process is currently planned to launch, for 2017, in agreement with the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, regionalizing movable heritage.”

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