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Jambon wishes to extend airport security system to stations

© Belga
Jan Jambon is looking to extend airport security systems to major stations and other areas where large numbers of people congregate.
© Belga

The Minister of the Interior, Jan Jambon, intends to extend the security system put in place at Brussels Airport to major railway stations and other places, where large numbers of people tend to gather.
It made this known yesterday (Thursday).

The tents, located at the national airport following the March 22nd attacks last year, gave way to ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras. These allow for the detection of licensing plates.

In addition, smart cameras allowing for the detection of faces and a behaviourist approach, focused on the behaviour of visitors and passengers have also been used.

The new system is bearing fruit, the Minister’s spokesperson says.

The new Chief of the Aeronautical Police in Zaventem, Jo Decuyper, indicated in the middle of December that over a period of less than a month, thirty people with a link to terrorism, or involving state security more generally, were thus identified.

This was due to the use of “BDOs” (Behaviour Detection Officers).

The issue of security in major railway stations has, once again, become centre stage since the discovery of the route taken by the man suspected of perpetrating the Berlin attack, Anis Amri.

On the evening of December 21st, as part his escape route he is thought to have spent two hours at the Brussels Gare du Nord.

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