A Belgian and a German missing in Indonesia

A Belgian national and his German travelling companion are missing in Indonesia, local media reported on Monday. Yvan Meers, aged 36, and Lina Kall, aged 31, seem to have entered the Indonesian region of Sumatra from Malaysia aboard a boat on December 24th and they should have returned on January 1st to Frankfurt. The press agency Antara states this and has been quoted by the German press agency dpa.

“We received information about missing foreign nationals from the German embassy at the beginning of 2017 [only last week],” Mr Suyatno, the Head of the Search and Rescue Service in the province of Aceh, said.

He said, “The report made no mention of where they were, just a reference to an isolated island off the coast of Sumatra.”

Military personnel and police are involved in the search for the couple.

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