Pont-du-Loup: 2 fires at the same farm in 10 days, 3 cattle die

There was a fire at a farm in Pont-du-Loup on Saturday evening (Aiseau-Presles-Hainaut).  3 cattle died. There had already been a fire at the farm on the 22nd of February. It is extremely likely it was started deliberately.

The fire started in a hangar in rue d’Aiseau at around 9pm, says the East-Hainaut fire department. Three cattle had already died when the firemen arrived. They set up several hoses to put out the fire.

Another large fire had already damaged the farm on the 22nd of February. It had already been hit by a third fire back in 2011. The local Châtelet-Aiseau-Farciennes police attended the scene on Saturday evening, and they suspect it was started deliberately. 

(Source: Belga)

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