Louisa: new variety of chipping potato

After a two-year study, a new chipping potato is henceforth in Belgian agricultural records. Known as “Louisa”, it is intended for the production of chips. The Flemish Department for Fisheries and Agriculture indicated this yesterday (Tuesday).

The Walloon Centre for Crop Research (known as the CRA-W) in Gembloux and its Flemish equivalent in Merelbeke, the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (known as the ILVO), carried out tests.

These were in the seven centres located in the Kempen, in the sandy-loamy soil regions, in the polders and in the Condroz.

Over the two-year period, the organisations in particular studied the emergence and growth of this potato, along with its leaf resistance and the sensitivity of tubers to mildew and the common scab.

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