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Belgium slow to reduce emissions

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Hermes Sanctorum remains concerned that Belgium is not taking sufficient action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the appropriate level, with the EU's 2030 target in mind.
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Belgium is not succeeding in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This appears in De Morgen today (Wednesday) based upon figures from the Federal Service on Climate Change. The finger is currently being pointed at car traffic as the likely main culprit.

The danger is that whilst the European Union has set a target of a 35% emissions reduction by the year 2030, Belgium risks not fulfilling its obligations in this regard.

Without any change in policy direction, a Belgian emissions reduction of only 13% by that date is likely. The delayed progress can be mainly explained by car traffic density, but also by emissions produced by heating buildings. Both emissions sources are reducing at a slower rate than anticipated.

Hermes Sanctorum, the Flemish parliament independent deputy says, “These figures clearly show that Belgium’s climate policy is insufficient.” Since the last report presented to the European Commission two years ago, there has hardly been any perceptible improvement.

The Flemish Minister for Climate, Joke Schauvliege (of the Flemish Christian Democrats), concedes that the situation is not rosy. However, on the positive side, she does mention that Flanders still has to develop its Climate and Energy Strategy document for the period through to 2030.

All EU member states have to report their progress to date as regards greenhouse gas emission reductions to the European Commission today (Wednesday).

Lars Andersen
The Brussels Times