New 2023 Anderlecht abattoir project

The company Abattoir intends to build an entirely new abattoir in Anderlecht by 2023, in place of the current premises. This was reported yesterday (Monday) on the website Bruzz. The project complies with the “master plan”, which was drawn up as part of the construction of Foodmet, unveiled two years ago.

It emerged from this plan that it would be preferable, in the medium term, to amalgamate the slaughter operations within a new more compact building, developing the building in stages. Currently, operations are run on the same level within adjacent premises.

A spokesman for the abattoir told the Belga press agency, “We will thus be able to operate the current large abattoir area in a more efficient way. At present, the premises are set up in a configuration whereby they adjoin each other. This is a particularly economically unattractive way of using the space.”

Numerous buildings actually date back to the 1980s and the modernisation is extremely welcome. The new building will be more energy-efficient and will allow a “training” approach to the abattoir operations.

The project is still in the consultation phase. The architects’ competition, in respect of the development, is likely to have started by the end of the year.

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