Bill proposed by sp.a to make GP visits free for under 18s

Karin Jiroflée, an sp.a deputy, wishes to lay a bill before parliament, to remove the requirement for children to pay a contribution when visiting the GP.
So that they have nothing to pay when visiting the GP, the Flemish party also wishes to instigate the system of third-party payments for this category of the population. This was reported in the Flemish newspaper De Zondag on Sunday.

The sp.a bases this on a European observation. Per this finding, 900,000 Belgians have already had reason to postpone a GP visit for financial reasons. The deputy indicates, “One in four children in kindergarten never has a GP consultation.” She says, “This is unacceptable for a region as healthy as ours. Hence our intention to lay a bill before parliament to remove the contribution for under 18s.”

The sp.a, says that its bill would have a maximum cost of 9 million euros. It considers, “It is ‘peanuts’ compared to the 900 million euros that the Minister Maggie De Block is looking to save on healthcare. In addition, making a visit to your GP free will enable the system to avoid more costly medical interventions in the long term”.

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