Peeters discreetly begins work to privatise public companies

Peeters discreetly begins work to privatise public companies

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Kris Peeters will call on his party, the CD&V, to debate privatisation as a way to reduce the public debt. “Over the next few months, we will have to think about what to do about public contributions”, he told De Standaard on Saturday.

“We need a good budget that will get approval from Europe. But we are too focused on balancing the books. The public debt should be our main concern”, he said. The debt is currently 106% of the GDP, 430 billion euros.

Peeters is strongly considering a task force that would work on the issue discreetly. “The more public the debate is, the more difficult the discussions will be. We have to take social aspects into account – personnel, unions. We it will have to be done in several phases”.

The sale of all the public assets would bring in 26 billion euros, but this solution seems politically improbable.

(Source: Belga)

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