128,000 pensioners feel duped by tax shift

128,000 pensioners feel duped by tax shift
Johan Van Overtveldt wishes to adapt the pensions law so that pensioners' funds, and thus purchasing power, both increase.

Some 128,000 pensioners, who were allotted €1,200 to €1,300, it turns out had received several hundred additional euros owing to the tax shift. However the net total has barely increased and has even decreased for some. The pensioners movement Okra du Nord du Pays denounced this point in Het Laatste Nieuws on Friday. The government is now working to achieve a solution. The tax shift is a shot in the dark for this group of pensioners, as the tax reduction actually due to the tax shift does not translate, in practice, into a pension increase. Pensioners cannot, consequently, take advantage of an increase in purchasing power.

The federal government says that it is aware of the problem. The Minister of Finances, Johan Van Overtveldt (New Flemish Alliance), has elaborated an adaptation of the law, so as to avoid lower increases in pensions. The government states thus, “The government is engaged in developing a comprehensive solution to reduce taxes, as part of the pensions framework in the 2018 budget.”

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