“Hospitable commune” action for better reception of migrants this Thursday

“Hospitable commune” action for better reception of migrants this Thursday

A “Hospitable Commune” action will be held from 6.30 p.m. on Thursday 14 September outside a score of town and city halls in Brussels and Wallonia, the collective of community groups and associations sponsoring the protest announced on Wednesday. The collective urged citizens to come together and call on municipal authorities to develop and implement policies that are more welcoming towards migrants, undocumented persons and refugees.

A hospitable commune is one that passes a motion to improve the information they provide migrants and the way they receive them, whatever their status. Two communes, Vielsalm and Chièvres, have already adopted such a motion this summer.

According to the organizers, a hospitable commune makes a commitment to raise its population’s awareness on migration issues, to improve the reception of migrants with respect for their rights, and to show solidarity towards European communes and countries faced with the need to take in large numbers of migrants.


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