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A two part drawing by Hergé sells for 110,000 euros

A two part ink drawing by Hergé sold for 100,000 (139,700 with costs) euros at auction on Saturday afternoon, says the Maison L’homme. The artist did the original piece in 1982, just before his death. They were part of the fresco project for the Stockel metro station in Brussels.

The two drawings, one 95 cms long and the other 85 cms, were done to help build a model for the fresco at the Stockel metro station. This fresco will be supervised by Bob de Moor after Hergé’s death. There will be a few modifications to what Hergé originally intended.

“Hergé’s talent really shows in this follow-up piece. It includes 140 characters from 22 comics. They are in situations full of life and humour” according to the description in the Maison L’homme catalogue. 

(Source: Belga)