Brabant slaughters: new team of investigating judges may solve case

The Brabant slaughters case may be solved if a new team of investigating judges conduct an investigation. Walter Van Steenbrugge, the lawyer for the loved ones of victims in these attacks considers this to be the case. He was speaking on Monday evening, on the broadcast Terzake, on the Flemish channel VRT.

Diederik and Nathalie Palsterman revealed details during the broadcast as to the disappearance of their father during the attack on Delhaize in Alost, on November 9th, 1985. Along with other victims’ families, they criticised the investigation conducted at the time of the Brabant killings. They hope that those behind the attacks will receive the investigators’ attention now. “Those behind the attacks are far more important - these people who have done everything they can for 32 years to ensure that the truth does not get out.”

The judge Walter Van Steenbrugge, who is advising the Palsterman family, says that the loved ones of the victims should have full access to the case. This is a request that he expressed in March to the Minister of Justice, Koen Geens (CD&V). This came after, along with others involved in investigating the case, the investigating judge, Martine Michel, suggested that the evidence in the case was originally “manipulated”.

Mr Van Steenbrugge says that the case may be solved if a new investigation is opened and sufficient means allocated to it. He argues that a new team of judges should be set up with a fresh perspective upon the crimes.

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