Laser technique to detect particles in body

Laser technique to detect particles in body

Researchers at the universities of Hasselt and Leuven (UHasselt and KU Leuven), have developed a new laser technique to detect particles in the body. The results have been published this month in the review American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care. This was reported by the University of Hasselt on Sunday.

Recent research has demonstrated that more than 4.2 million individuals worldwide per year are killed by air pollution. To correct health standards, it is necessary to take accurate measurements as to the body’s exposure to soot particles, resulting from the combustion of fuels, such as diesel.

The researchers from both Flemish universities have developed a new laser technique to quantify the presence of these particles in body tissues and fluids, such as urine and blood. Within a study produced using 291 children, urine samples were analysed using this method.

These experts have submitted a patent application for this. In the coming years, they will work on developing a prototype.

The Associate Professor, Tim Nawrot (from UHasselt), explains in the communication, “Our objective is to market the device, to conduct studies on an individual level as to exposure to particles. This can only be beneficial for both the assessment and limitation of health risks.”

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