Reduction by 21.7% of greenhouse gas emissions in Liège

Reduction by 21.7% of greenhouse gas emissions in Liège

Compared to 2005, when the figure was the equivalent of 16 tonnes of CO2 per inhabitant, 2016 saw this figure reduce to the equivalent of 12.5 tonnes of CO2 per inhabitant. This is a reduction of 21.7% in the Liège area. This was stated on Monday evening by André Schroyen, Deputy Burgomaster for the Environment of Liège City Council. This was in response to questions from Daniel Wathelet, the Ecolo Municipal councillor. The latter was asking about the implementation of the action plan linked to the carbon footprint in Liège, introduced in June 2012.

The Deputy Burgomaster said, “Figures held by the Council show that compared to 2009, when the figure was the equivalent of 60,453 tonnes of CO2, the emissions of greenhouse gases for 2016 were the equivalent of 50,846 tonnes of CO2. This is a reduction of 15.9%.” He stated that the expected improvement of the environmental quality of the average car volumes using the roads by 2030, will significantly reduce the overall city emissions.

Amongst the measures implemented is the creation of a carbon cell, made up of several energy advisers, and even the instigation of financial incentives to improve energy usage within housing.

The Deputy Burgomaster concluded his remarks by explaining that a working group was created last October. This was with a view to establishing an action plan in favour of sustainable energy and climate, defining concrete measures, as part of the New Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

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