Longer and more frequent traffic jams

Longer and more frequent traffic jams

Touring Mobilis said traffic jams outside of peak times and on secondary roads were longer and more frequent in 2017. Its yearly report was published on Saturday.

The worst day for traffic jams in 2017 was the 11th of December, when there was a lot of snow. The total length of all the traffic jams together was around 1,294 kilometres at around 11am. That had never happened on Belgian roads before.

The second worst day was Sunday the 10th of December, with 755 kilometres of traffic jams in total.

Touring Mobilis has noticed that traffic jams are getting longer and longer. In 2014, there had never been more than 400 kilometres of traffic jams all together. However in 2017, the total length of all the traffic jams went well over that for 15 hours. Rush hour traffic jams are also getting longer and longer as the hours people are driving have changed. More and more motorists are trying to avoid peak times. More flexibility in people’s working hours means the roads are now busy during previously quieter times.

“Rain and snow have a big impact on traffic jams, but journeys are getting longer at other times too”, says Touring Mobilis. 

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