Flemish union anticipates at least 5,000 teachers will strike tomorrow

On Wednesday, between 5,000 to 10,000 teaching staff will be part of street demonstrations in Brussels, against the proposed pension reforms. Belga received the estimate on Monday evening from the Secretary General of the Flemish Christian Education Union (known as “COC”), Koen Van Kerkhoven. He bases the figure on data extrapolated from a survey, conducted with officials from all unions representing schools and universities. These unions are based both in the north and the south of Belgium.

Mr Van Kerkhoven indicated, “We are expecting a minimum of 5,000 teaching staff, from the primary, secondary and higher education sectors to be on strike. However it would not surprise me if, on the day, 10,000 people from the education sector attend the stikes.”

He went on, “I understand from my representatives on the ground that numerous members will be demonstrating. Some of them have never done so in such a way previously. There is a great deal of enthusiasm for the strike.”

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