Walibi opens Exotic World, which cost 7.8 million euros

Walibi opens Exotic World, which cost 7.8 million euros

Walibi, which is owned by the Compagnie des Alpes group, opened “Exotic World” on Saturday. It’s designed to compliment their Polynesia-based “Tiki-Waka” ride. Exotic World cost 7,8 million euros. The new attraction is part of the second phase of a massive 100-million-euro renovation plan: 75% of the park is expected to have been renovated by 2022. Walibi invited television presenters, singers, comedians, journalists and youtubers to the opening on Saturday. 

The “family-friendly” roller coaster Tiki-Waka opened on the 7th of April. It’s a 564-metre-long roller coaster that goes up as high as 21 metres. The new Exotic World attraction includes the “tiki-trail” adventure trail, which is made up of several towers linked by bridges. The new area is the park’s first “world”. The park wants to build eight different worlds within a few years. 

On Saturday, the Compagnie des Alpes CEO Dominique Marcel said he wanted to make Walibi the most popular Theme park in Belgium. Exotic World cost around 7,8 million euros to build back in the winter. The park also spent 4.2 million euros on Aqualibi, Walibi’s newly renovated water park that opened during the Easter holidays. 

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