Inflation remains above two percent for July

Inflation remains above two percent for July

Inflation in Belgium rose for the fourth month in a row: from 2.08 percent in June to 2.17 percent in July. This was reported by the Federal Public Service Economy on Monday.

In July there were mainly price increases for hotel rooms, plane tickets, electricity, natural gas, holiday villages, campsites and the motor vehicle tax. Fruit, clothing, city trips and meat had a mitigating effect on the price index.

Hotel rooms rose by an average of 18.9 percent in price. Airplane tickets were on average 17.6 percent more expensive compared to last month. Both increases can be attributed to the summer holiday period.

Electricity rose on average 2.5 percent this month. Natural gas was on average 2.8 percent more expensive. The prices for holiday villages and campsites increased on average by 5.6 percent compared to last month. The increase in the motor vehicle tax averaged 2.6 percent.

The good news for consumers was that the price of fruit fell on average by 5.8 percent in July compared to June. Clothing was on average 0.7 percent cheaper. City trips dropped an average of 1.4 percent in price. Meat was on average 0.6 percent cheaper.

Arthur Rubinstein
The Brussels Times

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